Adoption Testimonial

Today, after work, when I entered my home I was greeted at the door by my four precious cats. Then they turned around and led me straight to the kitchen because it was, after all, dinner time! 


Let me introduce you to my wonderful fur kids: Missy Red (13 year old female, rescued cat), Sky Blue (5 year old male, former shelter cat), Silver Boy (4½ year old male, former shelter cat), and Lila Bella (2 year old female, former shelter cat).  The last two joined my family only a couple of weeks ago. Because of these four little ones, my home is filled with so much joy, love and laughter that I can’t imagine life without them.


My cats come in many “makes and models” (ages and colors).  However, the one thing they share in common is they know they are safe and secure. That, very simply, is what any shelter animal is looking for, a good home. And in return they are so wiling to give love back to the one who adopts them.


Of the shelter cats I have adopted, none have been kittens. And one of them, the youngest, is a special needs cat (she has lost sight in one eye.)  As adults, they each have their own unique and special personalities that kittens have not yet developed.  Adult cats learn the house rules quickly and try to please their adopter. Each of mine became “family” very quickly. If you are thinking about adopting a shelter animal, please consider those who are older or have special needs.  They have tremendous love to share but often get overlooked.


If you want to enrich your life with joy and love and laughter, I encourage you to adopt an animal orphan from the Guilford County Animal Shelter.  Give them a forever home and they will bless your life. If you don’t have a pet, why not consider adopting two so they are not alone when you are out. Please remember “adopt one until there are none.” And don’t forget to share with anyone thinking about getting a pet that the shelter has just the one(s) they need.


By the way, presently I am also sponsoring two of the cats on the shelter web site. I wanted to adopt them, too, but just don’t have enough room for them in my small home. So if you are unable to adopt a pet from the shelter, please remember there are many other ways for you to help out. Please consider: sponsoring an animal to help someone else with adoption, donating food, bringing in items (there is a list on the website), volunteering time to visit and show affection to the animals, or giving a monetary donation.


You can make a difference!