Susie the burned dog

Posted by Marsha on 2 September 2009 | 3 Comments

Tags: puppy, pitbull, burned, ember

This is a terrible thing that happened to Susie. Someone left this dog in the park for dead! Who could have possibly done something so horrible to a helpless puppy? Talk to us about how you feel about what happened to Susie. Can you imagine what type of person could have done this? What do you think the punishment should be for this type of crime, prison, community service?

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Surviving with your pets in today's economy

Posted by Marsha on 3 March 2009 | 1 Comments

These times are hard due to the economy and it can be even
more difficult when you may have to give up your best friend
because someone in your household has lost their job or your
house is in forclosure.

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My New Best Friend

Posted by Marsha on 17 February 2009 | 11 Comments

Tags: Dogs, Cats, Critters, Adoptions, Pets

Have you adopted an animal from an animal shelter or animal
rescue group. If so tell us about it, and share your stories
and pictures to help encourage others to adopt not shop for
their next best friend. There are many wonderful animals
waiting for their forever home and without the community
adopting they may never get the opportunity to bring joy
into the lives of someone who really needs them.

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Welcome to the Guilford County Animal Shelter Blog

Posted by Marsha on 13 February 2009 | 4 Comments

Tags: Animal Shelter, blog, dogs, cats

We will be making frequent updates to the blog so please check back soon for new topics on our blog page. Comment on our latest topic: the burned puppy Susie

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